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Tuesday, February 04, 2020

The growing complexity of modern vehicles makes effective diagnostics a huge challenge for independent garages. Even a garage with good diagnostic knowledge and equipment can find it difficult to stay up-to-date with the latest developments, especially when they are working on a wide variety of makes and models. To help the independent workshop rise to these challenges and provide effective diagnostics on all types of car, a new assistance service is now available from EC Diagnostics.   

RADE stands for Remote Assisted Diagnostics Expert. It has been developed to give every workshop enhanced diagnostic abilities so that they can diagnose and repair even the most complex vehicle systems, without the need to make huge investments in the latest diagnostic equipment and training.

Eamon Carey of EC Diagnostics says, “Cars are coming to workshops with an increasing array of complex issues that can only be solved through expert diagnostics and in many cases will require a software fix. Even if a technician has good knowledge and equipment he will sometimes need to out-source some diagnostics or coding and programming work to a dealer of specialist. With RADE a garage can keep all work in-house as it provides access to dealer level services on a pay as you go basis.” He adds, “It brings a workshop’s capabilities to the next level, allowing them to tackle a wider variety of work, but without huge expense.”

The RADE starter package includes a diagnostic Interface and Android Tablet which once connected to the vehicle is easy to use with no training required. The technician simply selects the appropriate vehicle details and the job to be completed. A price for the function is displayed and the user just clicks to confirm. The job can then be completed remotely by an EC Diagnostics expert through the vehicle interface. The highly knowledgeable team can programme any vehicle allowing the workshop to turn the vehicle repair around in minimum time and with no outsourcing or need to move the car.

Eamon says, “The need for programming or software upgrade is now impacting on all kinds of jobs and RADE can provide every garage with a quick and economical way to tackle these issues with confidence. We can handle everything from key programming to ADAS calibration, or ECU replacement, as well as other work such as diagnostic assistance and system resets.”

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