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Mannol Ester technology takes automotive lubricants to a new level

Alan Gaynor of J&S Automotive, the Mannol distributor in Ireland

Alan Gaynor of J&S Automotive, the Mannol distributor in Ireland

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Oil and additive specialist Mannol is introducing aerospace technology to the lubricant aftermarket with the introduction of new oils featuring advanced ester formulations.

Esters are fully synthetic group V base oils which are commonly used in aviation technologies to boost engine oil performance. The addition of V esters into an oil formulation enhances the functionality of the lubricant and provides the highest level of protection for engines at extreme loads. 

The problem up to now has been the relatively high cost of ester-based oils, something that has largely restricted their use to the highly demanding aerospace world. However, aware of the benefits they offer, development scientists at Mannol took on the challenge to revolutionise automotive oil through the use of esters.  Through extensive research they have identified the key to the balance of economically viable use of ester technology and have formulated ester based oils that offers a huge step forward in terms of oil performance and longevity. 

These new Mannol ester oils meet the highest ACEA and API standards of engine protection, while exceeding the standard requirements of most original equipment manufacturers.  The ester molecules attach to metal surfaces of engine parts, forming a thick protective oil film which is far less susceptible to rupture at high loads. The oil effectively remains on the surfaces of the moving parts much longer, allowing for softer and safer engine starts.

As well as enhancing engine efficiency the ester technology also prolongs the life of the engine through significantly improved anti corrosion properties, as the dense oil film does not allow moisture and air to pass through, protecting parts from oxidation and corrosion.

Other benefits of the new ester technology include low volatility meaning much more heat and energy is required for the lubricants to evaporate compared to previous generation base oils. As a result, esters do not generate unnecessary increases in pressure, lowering volatility and increasing flashpoint. The technology also offers excellent pumpability at temperatures as low as -45°C and maintains the necessary viscosity characteristics at temperatures above 200°C. The oils also have the unique ability to completely dissolve and stably preserve modern additives in their structure, with these elements entirely removed from the engine to the filtration system, not leaving any waste behind.

Lastly, the plant origin of esters means these oils are much more eco-friendly in production, compared to other base oils. They are also capable of fast biodegradation in short periods without harm to the environment.

Alan Gaynor of J&S Automotive, the Mannol distributor in Ireland comments, “Mannol ester technology effectively takes automotive oil to the next level. It allows motorist to get the true benefits of advanced aerospace technology whilst also delivering on OE specifications and value.”

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