Easy parts cleaning with the Soltec Ultrasonic Cleaner

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Thorough cleaning and reuse of parts is a growing area of business in the aftermarket, offering garages and specialist businesses a profit opportunity, while helping to keep motoring cost down for budget conscious drivers. Soltec can offer workshop convenient access to this potential with its ECO-Sonic 650s Ultrasonic Cleaner.

The unit can precision clean intricate automotive parts and components quickly and cleanly using sound wave technology to penetrate and vibrate away deposits such as carbon, glue, oil, or paint. It cleans both internally and externally, meaning it can be highly effective on areas which would normally be inaccessible or require significant disassembly for cleaning, thus reducing labour cost.

The Soltec Ultrasonic Cleaner is now used by many customers to remove carbon deposits built up inside diesel particle filters or EGR valves, but it is also suitable for use on very delicate and expensive to replace components. It can even be used on electronic parts without fear of damage.

This machine is fully automatic, with a large basket and uses a precision compliant engineering fluid that does not cause corrosion and evaporates from the parts without leaving any residue. This means it can reduce the time required for many cleaning jobs from hours to minutes.

The ECO-Sonic 650s can be purchased direct from Soltec or it can be installed on an economical rental agreement.

For more information call Soltec (Ireland) on 044-933-5133 or visit www.soltec.ie

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