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SIDAT highlights the importance of EGTS quality
Monday, December 03, 2018
Electrical component and sensor specialist SIDAT has highlighted the importance of selecting high quality replacements when it comes to exhaust gas temperature sensors

Strict anti-pollution regulations require sophisticated engine management systems ruled by ECUs that have to process a high amount of data. The exhaust gas temperature sensors, besides allowing cleaner emissions, reducing the risk of NCT failure, also guarantees lower fuel consumption. This sensor controls the temperature of turbocharger, catalytic converter, DPF and systems for the reduction of NOx (SCR) and as it monitors the optimal functionality of all engine exhaust components, it becomes essential to reduce the emissions.

The evolution of the sensors has followed the evolution of latest generation engines. On modern vehicles there are several exhaust gas temperature sensors, fitted in specific positions along the exhaust line: before the turbocharger, before and/or after the catalytic converter, before and/or after the DPF, before and/or after the SCR catalytic converter.

As a specialist in this field SIDAT is at the cutting edge of developments concerning these vital sensors. It means the company can offer an extensive range of original exhaust gas temperature sensors which covers 90% of the European car fleet.

The quality of these sensors is crucial. The ECU bases its regeneration strategy on the information received from it, along with other parameters such as the differential pressure and the kilometres travelled since the last regeneration. SIDAT says prompt replacement is vital should a fault develop,  to avoid further damage to the DPF and to the engine itself.

A complete range of high quality EGTS is available from Ryans Automotive, the SIDAT distributor in Ireland. Ryans Automotive also has great expertise in this specialist area and it team are always able to make sure customers choose the right component for the job.

Categories:  Garage