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Get jobs done faster with the Mini-Ductor Venom

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Sometimes in a workshop a new tool can really make a massive change to the way you approach jobs, providing the type of time saving and convenience that you wonder how you ever managed without. The Mini-Ductor Venom from Inductor innovations has become just such a tool in workshops up and down Ireland, using its targeted heat to get a whole host of jobs done faster and with greater safety.

Nowhere is this better illustrated than in the everyday job of lung nut removal. In theory this is a straightforward job, but as many mechanics will tell you, lug nuts are all too often rusted and corroded, making this a lengthy, difficult and frustrating task that will often require an acetylene torch. These problem lug nuts need a combination of traditional methods and sometimes hours of time, to remove them without damaging the surrounding areas.

Hundreds of garages have now found a quicker and easier solution with the Mini-Ductor Venom. This innovative tool releases corroded or thread lock compound lug nuts in a matter of seconds, without the damage of an open flame and is up to 90% faster compared to other conventional methods. It provides a precise, safe and reliable alternative to naked flame heating and with its ability to boost productivity, it also offers a fast return on investment.

The tool uses invisible heat to heat ferrous metal, and some non-ferrous metal, parts in seconds. This allows for all types of adhesives bonded to metal, bonded with thread lock compound and seized hardware to be removed and released much quicker and safer than traditional naked flame heating.

When a torch flame hits metal, most of its heat is blown away from the load, wasting its energy and transferring its heat to unwanted areas. With the Mini-Ductor Venom nearly all the energy pulled is applied to the load, making the tool faster and more energy efficient than the torch.

As well as the increased safety benefits, the use of induction heating tools can increase a garage’s productivity by over 50%. This is because jobs are done faster, downtime is minimised and parts can be re-used. It also means insurance premiums are reduced by an extra 10-20% if an Oxy-Acetylene system is replaced with the Mini-Ductor Venom.

  • Induction Innovations