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febi strut mountings deliver on comfort & performance

Thursday, December 05, 2019

Strut mountings are important components within a suspension system and have a vital role to play when it comes to absorbing impacts, insulating the vehicle body and reducing road noise. Particularly after use on poor road surfaces, the strut mounting can be prone to failure and a high quality replacement is required.

Parts specialist febi offers a comprehensive range of more than 100 strut top mountings, covering over 50,000 applications. It also offers more than 100 different strut top mounting ProKits, which provide all the necessary fitting materials including bearings, to make repairs quick and easy.

The failure or seizure of a strut mounting will result in a creaking or grinding noise from the suspension. This can lead to the bearing tearing the rubber apart in the mounting. The rubber itself can also deteriorate with age, leading to reduced driving comfort due to increased noise. Failure brings on a feeling of tight steering or excess play, unstable handling, and reduced driving and braking safety. This means it is important to replace to check strut top mounting regularly and replace them if they show sign of wear.

febi strut top mountings offer excellent strength and long service life thanks to the properties of the elastomeric material used and metal reinforcement within it. The mountings also use OE grade rubber and follow the precise specifications of the vehicle manufacturer, ensuring optimum performance.

The febi range caters for all makes and models, reflecting the fact that any vehicle can experience strut mounting failure, often brought on by poor road conditions. One mounting identified by febi as being in particular demand is for the VW VW Transporter T5 (7E), (7F), T6 (SF), (SG). Here febi can offer a convenient and time saving solution with it 106307 Strut Mounting Kit with Bearing. This corresponds to OE reference 7E0 412 331 A and is suitable for 139 applications in all.

Details of the entire range for suspension strut top mountings can be found at partsfinder.bilsteingroup.com

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