Time saving solutions from LIQUI MOLY  

February 20, 2024
Time saving solutions from LIQUI MOLY

Modern vehicles are increasingly complex and when serious issues occur they need professional attention from a skilled technician. However, there are some circumstances where a complex repair, requiring time consuming mechanical disassembly, can be avoided through the use of an increasing sophisticated array of cleaners and additives. 

German lubricant manufacturer, LIQUI MOLY, offers a huge range of innovative liquid problem solvers that can be used by both professional and DIY enthusiasts to either prevent issues developing, or solve a problem without the need for mechanical attention. 

Here are some real life examples of how LIQUI MOLY can help: 
  • 1. A customer had a vehicle that would not run and preliminary investigation determined that the air inlet was the cause of the problem. In fact the exhaust gas recirculation system had become so coated in deposits that the air flow to the engine was restricted. Many mechanics would normally suggest that this would require the air intake system to be dismantled and cleaned. However, LIQUI MOLY Pro-Line Throttle Valve Cleaner, in a spray can offer an alternative remedy. A simple spray into the intake system of the throttle valve in petrol vehicles and into the intake tract of the diesel engine can solve the problem. The cleaning agents will remove even the most stubborn of residues cleaning the intake and allowing the engine to run again. 
  • 2. High emissions can cause an NCT failure and take a car off the road. The cause is often clogged fuel injectors, meaning that the fuel in the combustion chamber is no longer being finely atomized. This, in turn, means that dirty fuel is burnt, resulting in even more deposits. LIQUI MOLY Diesel Smoke Stop gets rid of the encrustation on the fuel injectors and it helps restore and improve fuel consumption. The post treatment also results in significantly improved emission levels. LIQUI MOLY recommends Diesel Engine System Cleaner for diesel cars and Petrol Engine System Cleaner for petrol.
  • 3. Poor performance, higher emissions and poor fuel economy are often present in older cars due to impurities in the oils system.  LIQUI MOLY recommends that at the time of an oil change, older vehicles should have an engine flush to remove carbon and grime. LIQUI MOLY’s engine flush does the job quickly and efficiently. This is a highly effective cleaning additive for the oil circuit and is easy to use. The recommended product is Pro-Line Engine Flush. 

David Kaiser, Head, R&D, at LIQUI MOLY says that these three examples illustrate how additives can provide technical solutions for the everyday problems that garages deal with. As they take very little time, they are easy to integrate into daily operations. They also cost very little, offering garages attractive margins. 

These products and many other LIQUI MOLY solutions are available from stockists nationwide. 
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