Perfect differential pressure sensors replacements from Bosch

January 04, 2024
Perfect differential pressure sensors replacements from Bosch

With such a high percentage of diesel models, and an aging car population, DPF problems are commonplace in Irish workshops. But sometimes the problem is not actually the DPF but the differential pressure sensors which controls the DPF function. 

Over time the original sensor can develop faults and a replacement is required. Bosch offers these replacements in OE quality meaning that over all engine and exhaust system performance can be maintained.   

These differential pressure sensors accurately measure the differential pressure of the input and output of the particle filter and provide the ECU with precise charge status feedback. This signals when it is necessary to start the DPF regeneration process. 

The sensors can fail due to factors such as strong vibrations and extreme heat. Hoses can also become blocked. Initially symptoms such as poor engine performance, increased fuel consumption and higher temperatures may indicate a partial failure. Later signs may include black exhaust smoke and a dash warning light. Ultimately if a sensors fails completely it can lead to serious engine damage. 

As experts and innovators in sensor technology, Bosch offers a comprehensive range of differential pressure sensors for various applications.  

Bosch differential pressure sensors are functionally and quality tested in accordance with the same standards as for original equipment parts. This means high performance and reliability over a long service life. The sensors include specially developed sensor elements for precise pressure measurement and fast responsiveness. They also feature high electromagnetic compatibility for reliable signal transmission.  

Like all Bosch sensors, Bosch differential pressure sensors also feature high quality materials and an innovative robust design. This means excellent resistance to corrosion in the demanding area around the exhaust system. 

These sensors are available from Bosch Aftermarket components stockists nationwide. 

For more information on Bosch aftermarket products and services, please click here.  
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