Irreversible Temp Engine Stickers from FAI 

Monday, November 21, 2022

Parts specialist FAI is now offering garages carrying out engine repairs a very useful and practical tool, FAI Irreversible Temperature Labels, which are designed to protect the supply chain from claims that were a result of poor vehicle ownership. 

Each highly accurate label registers an increase in engine block temperature, providing a permanent record when reaching between 99-121 degrees Celsius (+/-1.5c).

FAI offers a wide variety specialist engine components allowing garages and engine specialists the chance to offer repairs that can give a vehicle a new lease of life and allow it to stay on the road for longer. 

Engine repairs carried out well and with high quality parts, can last the life of a vehicle, however, these can be compromised by, for example; incorrect oil, letting oil run low, or not sticking to regular service intervals. 

FAI recommends placing these stickers at both ends of the head, preferably on core plugs. If the engine reaches an abnormally high temperature the stickers will be subject to an irreversible colour change, giving a clear indication that the engine has been neglected by the owner.  

The stickers are supplied in quantities of 10 (Part No. HT18-10), or a more cost-effective pack of 100 (Part No. HT18-100). These essential items for engine technicians are available from FAI stockists.