Draper Tools Pressure Washer range makes deep cleaning easy

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Draper Tools has launched a brand new range of pressure washers, with models to suit motorists and those in the trade with large areas to clean regularly. Drapers says that whether you are looking to deep clean an outside space or get the dirt off company or customer vehicles, this versatile new range will make efficient cleaning an easy job.

The newly launched range comprises six different models, to suit the size and scale of different jobs.  

For heavy-duty users there is the powerful Draper Tools 230V Pressure Washer which features an induction motor for longer life.  Achieving an impressive 195bar and delivering unrivalled cleaning power, this pressure washer makes light work of all cleaning requirements and is ideal for trade use. The brushless motor means the machine has better longevity, is more efficient and requires less maintenance.

For lighter weight options, well suited to car cleaning the new 230V Pressure Washer (135bar) model is ideal. This simple to use washer features a carry handle and large wheels, which make it easier to manoeuvre. The total stop device is designed to save water, helping to prolong the life of both the pump and the motor.

A range of snow foam attachments that make cleaning cars a lot easier will also be added soon.

More information and stockist details at www.drapertools.com