Continental first for VW Golf Timing Belts

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Continental has become the first aftermarket supplier to offer a timing belt solution for the VW Golf model manufactured from 2018.

Although relatively new cars, only on the road for two or three years, many will already have clocked up well over 100,000 kilometres. Because of their robust 2.0l TDI engine these Golf’s are favourites as fleet cars or for long daily commutes. This means despite their age they are often in line for a timing belt change.

Continental is the first supplier on the market to offer an aftermarket solution here in the shape of the CT1229 timing belt. The belt has a temperature-resistant polyamide fabric backing and a body made from fibre-reinforced elastomer with embedded tension members that offer excellent longitudinal stability.

Robert Franz, product manager EMEA at Continental Aftermarket says, “We’ve been quick to transfer our OE expertise to the aftermarket here and workshops are now enjoying the benefits.”

The CT1229 timing belt is also suitable for many Audi, Seat and Skoda models with TDI engines.