febi introduces new window regulator range

Friday, July 29, 2022

Parts specialist febi has launched a new range of window regulators, with over 85 regulators available covering a wide variety of European vehicle applications. 

febi says its window regulator range offers complete OE-matching quality, designed for a right-first-time fit. The company also stresses that it only offer direct like-for-like replacements, with no “universal” solution regulators in the new range.

Although regulators have the protection of the door, they are exposed to vibrations that occur when doors are slammed shut.  As a result, the mechanism can get damaged or connections can become loose.  In addition, frequent opening and closing of the doors can lead to cable breaks.  A gradually failing window regulator can be recognised through noises when the mechanism is operated, the window becoming more and more difficult to move, and in the worst case the window falls into the door. It is also worth noting that regulators often need to be replaced due to accident damage to the door.  

High quality materials and stringent quality checks ensure that febi can offer accurate and long lasting regulator replacements on a huge range of makes and models. These parts are also often far more readily available than car manufacturer alternatives. 

You can find the complete overview of febi Window Regulators at: partsfinder.bilsteingroup.com