Comline breaks new ground with impressive caliper offering

September 11, 2023
Comline breaks new ground with impressive caliper offering Comline offers a complete caliper range geared to the Irish market

The Comline brand is very well established and widely accepted across the Irish market when it comes to brake components.  Its range of brake pads and discs have long been the staple of factors and installers, but in recent years it is Comline calipers that have captured the imagination of the market.

Since launching into the Irish market in 2020, Comline calipers have proven a real success story. The brand is now among the market leaders in this product category, offering a range of over 1000 references and delivering thousands of units per month to customers across Ireland. 

Comline Ireland General Manager, Damien Larkin, underlines this success, commenting, “From a standing start three years ago, Comline calipers have become one of our best-selling product ranges. The response from the market was exciting and immediate, our caliper sales grew quickly in the first year, and this momentum has continued to build. Through 2021 and 2022 our caliper business has more than doubled in turnover, and at any one time we have in the region of 9000 units on the shelves here at Comline Ireland.”

Damien believes this impressive entrance into the market and the ongoing success of Comline calipers is down to a combination of factors that starts with the product itself. Comline only supplies all-new caliper units which ensure consistent, reliable performance and remove the additional hassle that is often associated with remanufactured caliper options. 

Damien adds, “One of the major downsides for customers in dealing with remanufactured calipers is the need to return the product and process surcharge claims. This can be a time-consuming and often painful process that customers can really do without. Comline calipers have been widely embraced as a solution to this problem.”

The breadth of the Comline caliper range also impresses with the 1000 product references, covering all popular makes and models, including  European, Japanese or Korean vehicles. By being Irish based the company is also able to fine-tune it range to Irish market needs, meaning a more streamlined stock offering.” 

Damien concludes, “With such a well-rounded braking offering it is easy to see why Comline continues to break new ground here in Ireland.”

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