Go green and save with Induction Innovations 

April 01, 2022
Go green and save with Induction Innovations 

Induction Innovations manufactures high-powered, high-frequency induction heating tools which are hugely popular in the automotive sector. Not only are these tools manufactured in-house with genuine OEM parts, they are also very energy efficient and reduce the need for harmful chemicals making them a great economical and green choice. 

Induction heating tools reduce the need for toxic solvents which can be needed when removing adhesives bonded to metal. Induction heat eliminates, or greatly reduces the need for these solvents, while improving air quality. The result, using induction heat, is an easy release and the adhesive stays with the colder part, leaving a clean surface behind.

Torches and heat guns are not energy efficient. Much of the heat and energy generated dissipates before it reaches the job, while Induction heating tools, are energy efficient and target the heat where needed. 

Using induction heating tools reduces or eliminates the user's need for a propane torch. Torches can also be costly and when using a torch, consumables such as gas can now be especially expensive. 

By switching to induction heat, users can save money by not purchasing consumables as often as they would with a torch. Induction Innovations’ tools also allow users to salvage parts that may otherwise be discarded. While consumables like the induction heating coils or thermal tape will need to be replaced at some point, they do last around 200 uses. 

Induction heating tools pay for themselves over time. If users follow the manuals properly, there is little need for servicing and repairs and there is no need for abrasive wheels that require harmful solvents and clean-up.

Induction Innovations tools also save time by not needing to cover or remove flammable parts nearby, while flexible coils also allow users to reach hard-to-reach areas faster than using a torch.

For more information visit www.theinductor.co.uk, Ph: +44(0)1953-859-138
Induction Innovations
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