Be prepared for Air Con season with Tech‘n’Tools

February 12, 2024
Be prepared for Air Con season with Tech‘n’Tools

Although with modern vehicles air con is no longer a summer only function, it is in the spring and summer months when drivers tend to think about A/C system service and maintenance. With 2023 one of the hottest on record, workshops can fully expect 2024 to be a bumper year for air con opportunities. 

Tech‘n’Tools is the company that can help garages with all their air con servicing needs, offering a one stop shop for equipment, tooling, consumables, spare parts and training. This means the garage can rely on Tech’n’Tools as an experienced source for all air con products.

With most vehicles now featuring some form of air con system, it now makes much more sense for garages and bodyshops to keep air con repairs and servicing in-house rather than outsource. Dave Molloy of Tech‘n’Tools says, “Air con offers huge business potential for garages and is very much a growth area as it is even more vital on hybrid and electric vehicles. In the past workshops have been a bit reluctant to get into this field, but with the complete package on offer from Tech‘n’Tools and the assistance and advice we can provide it is really a relatively simple way to expand your revenue.” Dave adds, “I have seen many workshops that at first didn’t think air-con was for them, but with the right guidance and support, they have quickly become air-con specialists and have opened up a great area of profit potential.” 

The team at Tech‘n’Tools understand the needs of the air con sector, with particular reference to the Irish car parc and have developed a complete air con service package, featuring many leading brands in this field. This includes; equipment, tooling, replacement gases, and consumables, such as, oils, PPE, leak detection packs and accessories. 

Dave is keen to point out that the support from Tech‘n’Tools goes far beyond just equipment supply. He says, “We commission and train technicians on our air con machines on site and make sure workshops can make the most of their potential. We also provide practical support on how to market the service and can offer ongoing technical support and information.” 

A key part of the Tech‘n’Tools air con package is the high quality equipment offered by one of the leading suppliers, Cooling Edge. This is one of the acknowledge leaders in the air con field with over 35 years market experience. The company has both expertise in the original equipment supply side and the aftermarket, meaning it is uniquely placed to keep up with developing air con vehicle technology. Cooling Edge has recently opened a state of the art production facility in Italy which is key to producing machines aimed towards the UK and Irish markets. 

One of the key aspects of the close working relationship between Tech‘n’Tools and Cooling Edge is that it can provide Irish workshops with access to a huge knowledge base when it comes to air con servicing and repairs, drawn from customer experiences right across Europe. This means that up-to-date knowledge and fast access to technical support is always close at hand.  

Over recent years one of the big successes of the Tech‘n’Tools air con package has been the Cooling Edge designed CTR machines. These have now been replaced by the new generation Evo-Tec machines which are designed and produced in the new facility in Italy. 

Tech‘n’Tools will have a range of service machine available for the 2024 season to suit all types of requirements. As well as car a/c, including excellent coverage of the fast growing EV sector, the company offers other air con machines and equipment, from leading brands, including models suitable for agricultural, truck and bus applications from leading suppliers Bosch, Mahle and Denso.

For further details please contact your local Tech‘n’Tools stockist or call Dave Molloy on 087-246 9175.
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