Somora offers Dolz Timing Belt Kits with Water pump

Friday, September 02, 2022

Somora Motor Parts is now offering a selection of high quality Dolz Timing Belt Kits in a new format complete with the appropriate Dayco timing belt. These kits allow garages to easily adopt best practice when replacing many common timing belts with both the superior Dolz water pumps and the reliable Dayco belts coming together to provide a matching OE solution.  

Dolz is a renowned water pump manufacturer that produces some 5.5 million pumps globally each year. The ISO product quality of the range together with 97% coverage of the European car parc has seen the brand make a major impact in the market since it was added to the Somora range. 

Coupling Dolz and Dayco quality in one kit means that garages can have complete peace of mind when replacing a timing belt. 

Dolz also offers garages easy access to technical and fitting information for its pumps. The technician can simply scan the QR code on the box to get specific fitting information and time saving hints and tips. 

The Dolz Timing Belt kits are available from motor factors nationwide. For more information on these and other Somora ranges please visit