Unlock A/C potential with a complete solution from Tech ‘n’ Tools

May 03, 2022
Unlock A/C potential with a complete solution from Tech ‘n’ Tools

To make the most out of the lucrative vehicle air-conditioning service and repair market, it is essential to have easy access to the right tools, equipment, consumables and replacement components. One supplier that is making it much easier to help workshops unlock their air-con business potential is Tech ‘n’ Tools, which offers a complete package of products and first class support in this sector. 

Tech ‘n’ Tools recognised the huge potential for air-con work in garages and has been developing its complete air-con solution for over five years. It now has satisfied garage and bodyshop customers all over Ireland, providing them with easy access to all that they need to offer a complete air-con service and repair package. 

Dave Molloy of Tech ‘n’ Tools comments, “Workshops are increasingly seeing the importance of air-con and the profit that can be made from keeping work in house rather than subcontracting. By getting all they need from one source saves them lots of time and workshops can be confident that we will always ensure they have the right high quality product for the job.”

Dave also makes the point that A/C is very much an expanding market. Not only is air-con now a feature on all cars, it is an essential element in the operation of hybrid and electric vehicles, playing a key role in battery cooling. This means that the air-con on these vehicles needs regular maintenance, something that will be providing progressive garages with business well into the future.

Tech ‘n’ Tools complete a/c service package, includes servicing machines, equipment, accessories, replacement gas, consumables and air purifiers. Ozone generators or Purifiers have added to business potential and safety of staff since the COIVD pandemic due to their anti-bacterial properties. They also offer a niche machine for Gas recovery in end-of-life Vehicles. All this comes with the support of an expert team that can deliver technical back-up, on-site machine commissioning and marketing packs.  

Tech ‘n’ Tools works closely with many leading suppliers, including, Cooling Edge, who are acknowledged experts in the air-con field and an OE supplier to car manufacturers. They offer service machines tailored to the needs of Irish workshops in terms of ease of use, vacuum strength, tank capacity, accuracy, efficiency and database of information tuned to the Irish vehicle parc.

The company also offers other a/c machines and equipment, from leading brands such as Denso, Bosch and Mahle, including models suitable for Agricultural, Bus and truck applications.

For further details please contact your local Tech ‘n’ Tools stockist or call Dave Molloy on 087-2469175 or email info@techntools.ie.
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