Delphi Technologies launches Masters of Motion

January 20, 2023
Delphi Technologies launches Masters of Motion

Delphi Technologies has launched its new Masters of Motion hub aimed at independent garage technicians. This is the start of a sustained campaign to provide added support for technicians and workshops. 

The Masters of Motion hub hosts a wealth of informative content from ‘How To’ videos to infographics, articles, tips, training resources and advice. It was created following extensive pan-European research from Delphi covering 4,000 workshops. The content is intended to help Delphi develop a stronger connection with the independent garage and workshop technicians that form ‘the backbone of the aftermarket’.

The hub has sections called ‘Advance your workshop’ and ‘Need to know’; these include articles on new technology, quality advice and expert insight. Delphi anticipates the ‘How to’ section will prove particularly popular. It contains a library of nearly thirty videos already covering issues around ADAS calibration, diesel injection, engine management and more.

The latest ‘How to Replace’ videos offer clear no-nonsense step-by-step guidance on completing everything from core mechanical work like changing brake pads and discs or wishbones, through to replacing sensors and ignition coils.

Masters of Motion showcases the full portfolio of Delphi products and services available to independent garages. 
Delphi emphasises Masters of Motion is being developed to support independent garages for the long haul. There’s clearly an eye on the upcoming changes to new vehicle technology. Delphi say they are committed to helping garages meet the demands future vehicles will present with advanced connectivity and electrification.

Masters of Motion resources are also available to support Delphi’s distributor partners.

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