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Denso Iridium TT Spark Plug continues to impress

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Distributors Serfac have reported a very positive reaction to the introduction of DENSO’s Super Ignition Plug, the Iridium TT. The company says that Irish customers have been very impressed by the product performance, increased lifespan and generous profit margins.

The innovative Iridium TT has the highest concentration of iridium of any product on the market, its unique technology combines the world’s smallest diameter electrode, at 0.4mm, with a needle-like 0.7mm platinum ground electrode. This improves ignitability, vehicle acceleration/performance and fuel efficiency and vastly increases the lifespan of the plug to 120,000km, more than three times that of a standard nickel plug.  This saves the motorist money and is more environmentally friendly.

Liam O’Donohoe, Commercial manager of Serfac says. "DENSO is a brand whose products you can trust. The OE-level quality of DENSO’s aftermarket product is proven and the 120,000km life span of the Iridium TT spark plug is the proof point of this quality.”

Liam points out that the Iridium TT plug sits at the top of the DENSO range, therefore representing an ideal up-selling opportunity and better profit margins for motor factors and garages. 

Popular applications include Nissan Qashqau (07-); Renault Clio III (05-); BMW 3 Series (E46) (98-05); VW Golf IV (97-06); VW Polo (9N) (01-09); BMW 3 (E90) (05-); Ford Fiesta V (01-08); Ford Focus II (04-) Volvo S40 (04-); Toyota Yaris (10-) Ford Fiesta VI (08-) Nissan Juke (10-); Nissan Micra IV (10-).

For more details on the Denso ignition range, , please contact the Serfac sales team on 01 459 8700 or via sales@serfac.ie

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