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J&S offering new oil opportunities with Mannol and Fanfaro

Thursday, January 31, 2019

The popular Mannol and Fanfaro ranges of oils are now being distributed in Ireland by J&S Automotive. Both brands have enjoyed significant success with independent garages in recent years and the new partnership with J&S is seen as a means of increasing availability and building on this success. 

J&S Automotive Managing Director, Alan Gaynor, commented, “The Mannol range offers an exceptional diversity of manufacturer spec oils that are attractively packaged, very well priced and deliver on quality. It is an outstanding range of German lubricates that satisfies both trade and retail customers. For example it has an unrivalled range of 20 Litre oils, an easy to understand OEM offering and an eye-catching range of 1 litre top-up oils with great shelf appeal.” 

Alan also points out that the depth and scope of the Mannol product portfolio goes far beyond lubricants. He comments, “As well as engine lubricants, greases and gear oils, Mannol offers a huge range of very innovative products across sectors such as additives, car care and workshop essentials. There are many often simple, but exceptional, products that can provide money and time saving solutions to common vehicle issues. These are the type of products that can open up whole new areas of opportunity for stockists and build lots of repeat business.”

Alan is also very excited about the possibilities that the Fanfaro oil range can offer. He points out, “Motor factors sometimes have a difficult task in finding the right balance between making sure a customer get a suitable spec oil for a particular vehicle and keeping the price within a more restricted budget, especially with many older premium imported vehicles on the road. Fanfaro oils offers a great solution to this problem by delivering the right oil spec at the right price.”

Alan says the introduction of the Mannol and Fanfaro ranges into the J&S portfolio is very timely as oil now accounts for a huge and growing share of any motor factor business. He points out, “Oil sales value has risen hugely in recent years and the diverse range of products and specs required to satisfy demand has spiralled. With Mannol and Fanfaro we can offer both the product diversity and price point options to profitably satisfy this demand, plus a huge additional product offering to open up new business potential.” He adds, “I would urge anyone involved in selling oil to talk to the J&S team and discuss ways in which we can help their business make the most of the excellent opportunities these brands can offer.”  

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