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The Renault Trafic III is popular with high mileage users, which provides a high demand for service and repair

Thursday, October 28, 2021

The Renault Trafic III has been a common sight on Irish roads since 2014. Popular with high mileage users, such as tradesmen and delivery drivers, which provides a high demand for service and repair. As a working vehicle, off road time can be costly, so the availability of parts is vital. febi and Blue Print can offer excellent availability on a huge range of Renault parts all with the convenience of delivery from local motor factors.

These parts include common service items such as brake discs and pads and high quality oil, air and cabin filters, with the replacement of the cabin filter being especially important for the comfort of high mileage drivers. Added to this, also available to solve a known issue with these vans is a replacement fuel filter which comes with all the relevant fitting hardware.

Other parts which febi and Blue Print say are in high demand, but many garage may think they can only get from the dealer include the Exhaust Pressure Sensor and even Replacement Roller Rails for the sometimes troublesome sliding door.

These parts are available from febi and Blue Print factor stockists nationwide.