Liqui Moly provides a boost for older engines

Friday, January 07, 2022

Cars in Ireland are now staying on the road for longer and doing higher mileages. To ensure trouble free operation, sometimes the engine and the oil need a little boost and this can be provided by Liqui Moly’s advanced Cera Tec additive. 

Cera Tec is an effective ceramic wear protection additive for engines, manual transmissions, pumps and compressors. It reduces friction and wear through ceramic compounds, offering high chemical and thermal resistance. This means less metal to metal contact, per longing the engine life. It also helps to reduces fuel consumption in petrol and diesel engines, as well as reduce noise, thanks to the low-friction effect. 

Especially in older engines the effectiveness of the motor oil can diminish over time. Cera Tec can revitalise the oil and create a ceramic coating around the moving parts. To demonstrate how it works, Liqui Moly has produced a short video. This shows how it forms a protective layer and in this case coats a metal spoon. In the engine, Cera Tec’s ceramic particles will rise to the top of the combustion chamber and will be attracted to components such as the pistons and cylinder linings. The particles also act to fill any lining scratches thus restoring lost power. 

Cera Tec is easy to use, simply added to the oil in the correct quantity. After around 150kms of driving the product will take full effect and the driver will notice the improvement. 

Cera Tec is available from Liqui Moly stockists nationwide.

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