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Mini-Ductor Venom impresses at award winning garage

Thursday, October 05, 2017

The Mini-Ductor Venom induction heating tool is fast becoming a must have piece of equipment in garages and bodyshop right across Ireland. To get an objective view of the benefits it can offer, Autobiz recently put the tool on test with one of the country’s leading garages, Donnellan Auto Services, in Oranmore, the winner of the SIMI Independent Aftersales Operation of the Year Award 2017.

Owner John Donnellan says, "We have been using the Mini-Ductor Venom for around two months now and have found it to be an excellent tool. Initially it took a while to adjust to the huge range of applications it has, but once you start using it properly, it becomes an essential piece of kit and is always within arms reach of our technicians.” He adds, "It does exactly what the makers claim, heating up metal bolts, nuts and other seized parts in seconds, so it saves a huge amount of time.”

John and his team have also been impressed by the fact that the Venom can be used safely in areas where you they could not use or reach with a gas torch. He comments, "You have targeted heat so there is no danger of burning rubber on ball joints and track rod ends. It is also so easy to attach to the coils.”

Wheel alignment is a major part of John’s business and seized track rods, which in the past made the job of adjusting the alignment hard work and time consuming, are now handled in seconds thanks to the Mini Ductor. He also points out the tool is great for crankshaft bolts seized with thread locker, exhaust system bolts, sensors and many other jobs. He says, "We had a good example yesterday when replacing a vaporizer injector on an exhaust. It was just stuck on and we expected that it was going to pull the threads, but a few seconds of the Mini Ductor and it just started to thread out with no trouble.” He adds, "Over all I would defiantly say the Mini-Ductor Venom is an excellent tool with huge time saving benefits. We certainly wouldn't be without it in our workshop now.”

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