Vito Van parts at your Factor

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Parts specialist febi, offers a comprehensive range of Vito  service items, as well as many parts that are sometimes perceived as only being available from the Mercedes dealer.

With operating costs now in sharp focus, getting the components for the Vito at an economical price can sometimes be a challenge. The Vito parts available from febi, in addition to standard service and replacement items such as the fuel filters, oil filter inserts and timing chain kits, febi also offers parts that often solve specific Vito issues, such as the conductor plate, control arm bush complete with bracket and auto gearbox dip stick and automatic transmission pan.

Also available is a convenient and economical propshaft kit, with propshaft failure sometimes an issue on high mileage Vito models. 
All off these parts and many other Vito components are available from febi stockists nationwide.