VARTA supports a bright 12 Volt battery future

February 08, 2024
VARTA supports a bright 12 Volt battery future

Battery specialist VARTA continues to stress the importance of 12 volt lead acid batteries as part of the future automotive battery landscape, with all cars requiring the technology regardless of whether they are standard internal combustion engine vehicles, start-stop, hybrid or electric. 

Far from disappearing, the traditional 12 Volt lead-acid battery is taking on a new and challenging responsibility and redefining its role as a safety critical component catering for low voltage power demand. 

High-voltage Li-Ion battery may power the drivetrain and the propulsion system, however many systems and electrical power devices still need a 12 Volt battery to ensure that the car maintains its functionality while driving, but also whilst parked and the high-voltage battery is disconnected. 

Comfort and safety features like lane assist, power steering and the brake booster are handled by onboard smart systems which also draws power from the 12V system. The same goes for most of the car's monitoring functions, it is therefore essential that a reliable 12 Volt power supply is in good working order.

Lead-acid technology is robust, reliable and affordable. The batteries also have a wide operational temperature window and a proven safety record making them ideal for use in hybrids and EVs. 

VARTA AGM 12 volt batteries are the OE choice of many vehicle manufacturers for xEVs, a term which encompasses, battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles and hybrids. The batteries are long lasting and very safe and reliable making them the perfect companion in supporting the 12 Volt electrical system of xEVs. 

As the world’s leading battery manufacturer, Clarios is the number one supplier to all renowned Original Equipment Manufacturers with its VARTA brand, with well-known manufacturers such as Mercedes, Volkswagen and BMW fitting their cars with VARTA batteries. In fact over 60% of new vehicles in Europe are being factory fitted with a VARTA.

The VARTA team also supports garages and motor factors with a number of services, the newest of which being a suite of Battery E-Learning, which is now live in the VARTA Partner Portal. As well as access to the Battery Finder, Fitting Instructions and Technical Articles, registered Partner Portal users also get Free access to a complete offering of digital training on:
  • 1) Basic battery knowledge
  • 2) Advanced passenger cars including modules on hybrids and EVs
  • 3) Heavy commercial vehicles 
Simply login and click the ‘menu’ in the top left of the screen, then you have free and unlimited access to the VARTA E-Learning. Link: 
VARTA supports a bright 12 Volt battery future
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