Transit - Juddering clutch problem

March 27, 2023
Transit - Juddering clutch problem The rubber in the flywheel had deteriorated

The owner of this 2005 Ford Transit 2.4 diesel 350, had brought the vehicle to me, as it was suffering from a bad clutch judder, and he was concerned that it was going to let him down when he needed it most. 

As the engine gearbox on this motor is the in-line version, the book time for the clutch is much lower than the newer transverse layout, and can be completed in under four hours.

Removing the gearbox and dropping the clutch down, I discovered that the Transit was fitted with a Dual Mass flywheel, but an early version, which was more of a torsional vibration damper, and still required the clutch centre plate, to have the springs built in to absorb the take up.

The flywheel was well and truly shot. It was the source of the drive problems, adding €200 to the price of the job, the owner was happy that the whole thing was turned round and back on the road within the day.

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Transit - Juddering clutch problem
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