Stocking recommendations for Ring

October 09, 2023
Stocking recommendations for Ring

Premium automotive lighting and auto electrics supplier, Ring, has revealed its most popular products, so workshops and factors can ensure they have a healthy stock available for the on coming lighting season. 

Rings says that running out of stock is the easiest way a company can lose business, as customers will just go to the next outlet to buy their requirements. However, if factors, and to a degree, workshops, keep an eye on growing trends and understand which products are most popular, they can keep their stock replenished and avoid this issue.  

To assist them in this, Ring Automotive has revealed which of their products are the most popular and therefore, which products to keep an eye on and restock when they are getting low.

Top selling accessories include:  

Tyre Inflator (RTC1000)
The RTC1000 Rapid Digital Tyre Inflator makes tyre maintenance fast and easy as it’s powered directly from the in-car 12V socket. It inflates a 13" tyre in just two minutes and comes with three adaptors, an LED light, storage case, spare valve caps and latex gloves. 

Cordless Tyre Inflator (RTC4000)
Ring’s newest tyre inflator launched early in 2023, the RTC4000 is a compact, yet powerful and high quality cordless tyre inflator for cars and motorbikes. The RTC4000 is easily chargeable via a USB Type C cable or 12V DC cable and is quick to inflate a tyre, even from flat, making this product an easy sell for retailers as it provides an easy solution for drivers should they get back to their vehicle and find the tyre is flat. 

SmartCharger (RSC806)
The Ring RSC806 is a smart 6A battery charger and maintainer for 6-volt and 12-volt systems, which supports various battery types, including start/stop batteries on both petrol and diesel engines. The charger provides a seven-stage charge cycle, offers simple one-button operation, and has a large easy-to-read, backlit display. 

MAGflex Utility Lamp (RIL3700C)
Designed with versatility in mind, the MAGflex Utility lamp combines dual, magnetic ratcheting bases with a 360° rotating body. This means that the lamp can either be used freestanding or hands-free, positioned in any number of ways to ensure that the workspace is properly illuminated. With 1,000 lumens output, the lamp can be used as a larger light or an under bonnet light, as well it being using for close up inspections.

Top selling bulbs:  

Xenon200 (RX2077)
Ring’s Xenon200 bulb range is a like for like replacement of standard H7 headlamps. These performance halogen bulbs provide up to 200% more light on the road ahead and the exceptional brightness and longer beam allow motorists to see potential hazards and other motorists earlier. 

H7 bulb (R477)
One of Ring’s other most popular H7’s is the R477 in the halogen range. It’s one that is recognisable to technicians and factors for its premium quality and is a simplistic like for like bulb that’s easy to fit but still provides excellent illumination.

W5W bulb (R501)
Finally, the humble R501 is Ring’s most popular bulb by volume, as it is has the possibility of being fitted to seven or eight different applications on a vehicle, such as the panel, interior and side and tail bulbs, so it’s one to keep a high stock of due to its versatility. A technician can never have enough 501s!
Ring Automotive
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