Phoenix Pro provides a diagnostic boost at Mannings Garage 

Anthony Manning, Mannings Garage, chose a Topdon Phoenix Pro diagnostic system supplied by Grafton Diagnostics

Anthony Manning, Mannings Garage, chose a Topdon Phoenix Pro diagnostic system supplied by Grafton Diagnostics

Thursday, October 14, 2021

With it combination of top quality equipment, extensive expertise and excellent back-up, Grafton Diagnostics is a company that many garages turn to when they are looking to enhance their diagnostic capabilities. This was recently the case for Anthony Manning of Mannings Garage in Kilmallock, Co. Limerick, who chose a Topdon Phoenix Pro diagnostic system supplied by the Grafton team. 

On paper the Phoenix Pro has very high end capabilities and coverage, but as Anthony says it is not until the equipment is used in the workshop that you really understand what it can do. He comments, “We have only had the machine for a short time, but it is already proving its worth and has become the go-to system for the team. The first thing you notice is that it is very user friendly,  easy to handle and has a big clear screen. The functions are intuitive making it easy to learn and it offers fast data access.”

Of course one of the key aspects of any diagnostic system is coverage and Anthony says this has proved very impressive on initial use. He comments, “The unit is especially good on German and Asian models and it has even been able to sort out issues on rare vehicles such as Saabs, which other systems do not cover. We have also crossed checked it with other systems and found it is able to solve certain issues that other diagnostic equipment can’t.” Anthony adds, “The team have also been impressed by the ease of ECU programming that the Phoenix Pro offers.”

However, when it comes to making key equipment buying decisions, Anthony says his main selection criteria is not so much the equipment itself, but the back-up and support that the supplier can offer. He says, “I will never buy equipment unless I am confident in the back-up on offer. I know garages that buy items cheaper and think they are getting a good deal, but there is zero after sales support.”

Anthony says one of the main reasons he selected the Phoenix Pro was that he had full confidence in the back-up of offer from Grafton. He comments, “Joe, Dane and the Grafton team have never let me down. Because they are using the equipment they sell, they know it inside out and will quickly respond to any queries we have.  They can also advise you on making the most of the equipment, including many time saving short cuts.”

Anthony has also been impressed with Grafton support in two other key areas. Firstly, he says updates are very prompt and affordable meaning he always has up-to-date coverage. Secondly he has found that if any equipment does need repair, Grafton are happy to supply a like for like temporary replacement so that workflow can be maintained. 

The Phoenix Pro and other Top Don diagnostic equipment is available from Grafton Diagnostics. For more information call 086 666 0774 or visit