NGK Spark Plugs, the classic choice  

April 19, 2024
NGK Spark Plugs, the classic choice

Classic vehicle were once the domain of seriously wealth motorists, but today driving a practical classic is within the budget of many motoring enthusiasts and drivers. Very often these older classic cars work on older technology and have differing service requirements. However, that is not to say that they cannot benefit from technical innovations available in today’s aftermarket.  

Niterra, the company behind the NGK spark plug brand, says that it’s modern technology can be of benefit to many classic vehicles and also stresses that it has a wide range of spark plugs and ignition components to meet the needs of classics. 

Unlike modern engines, classic cars have their unique considerations when it comes to spark plug choice. It matters whether the vehicles are used for low mileages, commuting or in storage for extended periods of time. Ignition distribution system modifications, in the spirit of reviving a classic, make a difference. These older engines typically have lower compression ratios and require a different heat range compared to their contemporary counterparts. Therefore, using the appropriate spark plugs specifically designed for classic cars is essential. This may be by using the correct copper cored nickel spark plug or upgrading to Iridium plugs, which often greatly assists the ignition and combustion process. 

Ron Merralls, Niterra Technical Services Manager says, “Our classic car and bike spark plugs from our NGK Ignition Parts portfolio are the go-to solution for owners and workshops alike who are looking to correctly service and maintain classic vehicles.” 

He continues, “Keeping engines performing well is a number one priority and our spark plug portfolio for classic vehicles is engineered to deliver exactly what a classic car needs. We also know that maintaining the value in that vehicle is also high priority so our parts will help that vehicle run as optimally as possible, including all important emissions. Our Technical Department can offer bespoke advice about spark plug heat range choice for older vehicles which are used in competition, hard or general road use, commuting or vintage road runs by utilising the ’contact us’ area of the website”.

The NGK Partfinder website also makes it easy to quickly find the classic car catalogue and navigate through to the application information technicians need. The individual spark plug specifications can be found there together with spark plug upgrades. This may include, the fine-wire (0.6mm diameter) precious metal Iridium centre electrode plugs, which require less voltage and are beneficial for low powered ignition systems and can help take the load off otherwise tired ignition components.

Keeping older vehicles running smoothly and efficiently is a viable strategy in the drive towards sustainability. These older vehicles aren’t just beautiful to look at or cult icons. By keeping them running for longer workshops can help with the critical demand for mobility which is accessible and sustainable. To service them properly, the right spark plug from NGK can ensure that their cherished classics continue to run well while maintaining their original charm on the road.

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