Mannol opens up new business potential

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

As many other businesses have been closed over recent weeks, motor factors have often become the go-to problem solvers for a variety of vehicle, home and garden needs. With its extensive range of oils, fluids, additives, car care and maintenance products, Mannol has been one brand able to supply a wide variety of product solutions.

Katie Hilliard of Mannol distributors J&S Automotive says, “Mannol has been able to provide product solutions for many customers that might not normally go to a factor, while continuing to satisfy the needs of workshops and motoring enthusiasts. For example, demand for Mannol car care products has seen a sharp increase and demand for additives has also risen steeply as customers recognise they can often provide a convenient and cost effective solution to problems that may develop through lack of vehicle use.” 

Katie also believes that with increased time at home many people are tackling tasks themselves and are discovering the possibilities of Mannol repair and restoration kits for headlights, alloys, leather and windscreens as well as making more extensive use of repair and cleaning products.

Of course the mainstay of the Mannol range remains its complete selection of lubricants and this has really come to the fore with factors during the present restrictions. Katie comments, “The beauty of Mannol is that it has oils for all application from a lawn mower or chain saw right up to the latest low viscosity manufacturer spec oil for the latest Hybrid vehicles. Throughout the range all the oils deliver on quality and exceptional value, especially when it comes to bulk barrel purchases and it is kept right up-to-date with the latest oil requirements.”

Illustrating this, Katie points to three new additions to the range which meet some of the very latest manufacturer oil specifications. These are; two Ford spec oils, 5W-20 Ford Ecoboost 948-B, and 0W-30  Ford 950-A, as well as a 0W-20 oil which meets the GM Dexos 1 Gen 2, Mercedes Benz MB 229.71 specs.

Katie says, “Over recent weeks thousands of new customers have discovered that not only does the Mannol range have every oil you could ever need, it also has a huge variety of problem solving and enhancing products that have a multitude of uses.” She adds “If you are not seeing Mannol in your locality and if you are interested in increasing your range please contact J&S.”