LIQUI MOLY additives offer solutions to lockdown vehicle issues

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

With many vehicles lying idle or used very infrequently during the Covid-19 crisis, problems such as dirty fuel, engine sump sludge and clogging of injectors and DPFs can become major issues. German oil and additive specialist, LIQUI MOLY, says it can combat these problems with a very comprehensive range of additives and cleaners that can provide simple, effective and economical solutions to many common issues.

LIQUI MOLY says its advanced formulation additives work like vitamins and trace elements in various areas of the vehicle. For example, oil additives reduce friction and wear, while fuel additives keep the system clean and guarantee optimum combustion and compression. Keeping operating systems clean will help to maximize performance, lower fuel consumption and reduce emissions. The range also features many additive problem solvers which can address issues such as oil sludge, fuel system contamination, injection issues and DPF clogging, providing simple solutions which save time and money. There are also quick and effective cleaners and additives for diesel air in-takes, throttle valves, gears oils, transmissions, special stop leak and stop smoke products and much more.

The comprehensive range covers both diesel and petrol engines and also includes additives for hybrid engines. As well as cars, there also specialist products for 4x4s, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, vintage and classics cars and marine and agricultural applications.

The comprehensive range of LIQUI MOLY additives is available from stockists nationwide and a full product catalogue can be found at