GS Yuasa officially opens state-of-the-art battery facility at Ignition Park, Swindon

September 21, 2023
GS Yuasa officially opens state-of-the-art battery facility at Ignition Park, Swindon

GS Yuasa Corporation President, Osamu Murao officially, has officially opened the company’s new state-of-the-art facility at Ignition Park, Swindon, UK. The new site will act as the headquarters for GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd as well as the sales and distribution centre for GS Yuasa Battery Sales UK Ltd.

The opening ceremony was a prestigious event that cements GS Yuasa’s commitment to excellence and its dedication to providing unparalleled products and services to customers in the UK, Ireland  and European markets.

President Murao, along with esteemed guests and GS Yuasa colleagues, cut the ribbon to mark the official opening of the new facility. This symbolic gesture represented the conclusion of extensive planning, thorough construction, and the vision to create a facility that sets new industry standards.

GS Yuasa’s opening event welcomed 100 guests to the 178,500 square foot site, including a selection of customers, suppliers, local dignitaries, and GS Yuasa colleagues. The Japanese-themed ceremony featured the smashing of a sake barrel for good luck and prosperity, along with speeches from company executives. Tours of the facility also showcased GS Yuasa’s advanced technology, such as an AGV demonstration. Guests enjoyed a Kyoto performer’s captivating show, a sushi workshop, and a sake sommelier tasting, immersing them in Japanese culture and strengthening business relationships.

The new facility incorporates the latest advancements in warehouse systems in particular, sophisticated automated shuttle racking, AGV reach trucks and pick tunnels which significantly improve order processing capacity and operational efficiency. With dedicated charging facilities, as well as an e-commerce picking area with specialist packing equipment, the Ignition Park development will ensure the highest levels of service are continuously met.

These cutting-edge technologies have been carefully integrated to ensure that GS Yuasa continues to deliver the best possible supply and an ever-improving customer experience as the company expands over the next 10 to 15 years.

GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd. will also relocate to the new facility from their current offices at GS Yuasa’s UK factory in Ebbw Vale, Wales. The company oversees GS Yuasa’s six European companies, and the move will strengthen finance, supply chain and IT operations across the continent in support of the groups ambitions to grow market share in all markets and regions.
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