Double or nothing - How LuK 2CT can boost workshop business 

September 25, 2023
Double or nothing - How LuK 2CT can boost workshop business  LuK RepSet 2CT kit

Semi automatic vehicles are more and more common on Irish roads, yet when it comes to transmission repairs, many independent garages continue to miss out on some serious profit potential, by sending this work out to specialists.  

This is the message from leading global supplier OE and aftermarket parts supplier Schaeffler.  It says that many of the latest semi-automatic transmissions are equipped with a double clutch transmission (DCT) that is simply repairable, using a repair solution from LuK, one of the leading OE DCT manufacturers. 

Dry double clutch system repairs require the appropriate knowledge, skills, and special tools and LuK’s dry double clutch repair solution, backed by Schaeffler’s REPXPERT technical training, professionals can offer a convenient solution. The LuK RepSet 2CT kit, includes a double clutch module and all of the necessary components required for technicians to change the clutch easily and professionally,  whilst minimising costly errors and creating extra profit opportunities.

The LuK RepSet 2CT range, has expanded and now covers Volkswagen Audi Group 1st generation DSG transmission, a combined VAG 1st and 2nd generation kit, plus kits for Ford Powershift, Renault EDC, Fiat Dualogic and more, including many hybrid models. 

Double clutch technology is popular, as it delivers improved emissions and fuel economy, as well as improved driveability. The number of DCT equipped vehicles continues to grow, making their repair a valuable opportunity for independent workshops. 

Special tools are necessary for the accurate removal and installation of a double clutch because, unlike a conventional clutch, a double clutch is tightly mounted onto the input shaft of the gearbox. These are some very cost-effective aftermarket tooling options for this. 

Schaeffler has developed several specific LuK RepSet 2CT kits for each different DCT system, which all include the engagement levers and bearings, required shims, guide sleeves, snap rings and securing bolts inside just one box. 

Schaeffler recommends that DCT repairs should only be carried out by technicians that have attended an approved training course, and who also have access to the correct special tools. Its IMI accredited two-day training course explains how to carry out an efficient and accurate 2CT removal and replacement and REPXPERT trainers are already delivering DCT training in Ireland. 

More training dates will announced for Ireland in the coming months. Further information about Schaeffler products and systems, fitting instructions, labour times and much more can be found on the REPXPERT app, and, or by calling the REPXPERT hotline on +44 1432 264264.
Double or nothing - How LuK 2CT can boost workshop business  IMI accredited DCT training
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