Cost effective replacement solutions from FEBEST & Strongline

September 18, 2023
Cost effective replacement solutions from FEBEST & Strongline

Strongline has extended its range of FEBEST components with the introduction of wheel hubs for the Mitsubishi Pajero and Hyundai Santa Fe, differential mountings for Land Rover and shaft seals for Toyota Hilux. These new parts join a comprehensive range of FEBEST wheel hubs, flanges, bearing repair kits, wheel brake cylinders, wheel studs, bolts and nuts.

FEBEST specialises in repair kits and components that enable a replacement of an individual broken or worn part. As such, the brand has become well known for being a high quality, but budget-friendly alternative to OEM parts, in many cases. With FEBEST making individual parts available, the brand is able to offer a cost effective option for both motorists and garages.

FEBEST says that timely replacement of components such as bushings, sealing rings, oil seals, boots, drive shaft couplings, spring seats, brake caliper rubber parts etc. prolongs the lifespan of the adjoining parts. This can significantly reduce long term maintenance costs. The FEBEST range includes parts for suspension, steering, clutch and braking systems, as well as components for air conditioning, exhaust, engine timing and transmission.

All FEBEST packaging is made of recycled cardboard with no lamination and minimum printing, which is 100% recyclable and friendly to the environment.

Strongline Autoparts, who partner FEBEST in Ireland, stock a very comprehensive range of FEBEST products for immediate delivery and can also offers motor factor customers a 48-hour delivery from the FEBEST warehouse, for any range items that are not stocked. This delivery option has proven to be of great benefit to motor factor garage customers and is a service that many of Strongline's competitors in the Irish market cannot provide.

Details of the full FEBEST product range can be found at FEBEST products are distributed by Strongline Autoparts and are available from motor factor stockists. 
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