Brembo’s ‘Greenance’ a giant step in sustainable braking solutions

August 23, 2023
Brembo’s ‘Greenance’ a giant step in sustainable braking solutions Brembo providing more sustainable aftermarket braking solutions

Anticipation of future market trends has always been a key priority of high-performance braking systems manufacturer, Brembo, and launched in 2022 the company’s ‘Greenance Kit Concept’ is a case in point allowing the aftermarket to provide more sustainable braking solution.  

A fusion of the words ‘Green’ and ‘Performance’, the Aftermarket replacement kit aims to combine top braking performance with a lower environmental impact, while at the same time, increasing disc life.

Greenance is derived from Brembo’s technological know-how in the Original Equipment market as well as its continuous research and development. It is designed to meet the particular demands of r light commercial vehicles and fleet cars.

The Brembo Greenance Kit Concept, ensures a low environmental impact, delivering a significant reduction in emissions: 83%  in PM10 and 80% in PM2.5. These solutions have achieved the ECE-R90 homologation tests as well as the most severe benchmark road tests. 

The pioneering solution also guarantees extended mileage and a considerable improvement in terms of the total cost of ownership of vehicles. At the same time it allows for better durability of the brake discs, tripling their expected lifetime in the process. This leads to an optimisation of maintenance costs that is a top priority for professionals and drivers who require longer mileage for their vehicles, such as light commercial vehicles and fleet cars.

Brembo says it has a constant commitment to sustainability and a willingness to take on and anticipate the upcoming and most challenging opportunities and megatrends of the automotive industry. This means that it is actively contributing to a better and more sustainable future mobility.

Recently, the company introduced its new vision, which involves becoming a solution provider. As a result, Brembo is following a new guiding principle that stipulates that every new Brembo Aftermarket product must be more environmentally friendly than the one released previously.

One of the first examples of this promise was the Brembo Beyond EV Kit. Designed specifically for the electric vehicle Aftermarket. The kit consists of longer-lasting coated discs and innovative brake pads that are quieter and more resistant to oxidation and corrosion. These advantages all contribute to the reduction of a vehicle’s environmental footprint. 

Another example of Brembo’s commitment to ever increasing product sustainability is the ENESYS ENERGY SAVING SYSTEM. Designed with light commercial vehicles in mind, the solution is based on a patented spring design that guarantees a much faster return of the brake pads to their initial position once the brake pedal is released. This avoids undesired and unnecessary friction between the pads and the brake discs. Besides a reduction of residual drag, this tiny but advanced and innovative technology, results in a significant cut in CO2 emissions and energy waste, without compromising the high performance standards. 

With its Greenance Kit Concept, Beyond EV Kit and ENESYS ENERGY SAVING SYSTEM,  Brembo is providing a snapshot of the direction it is heading towards in the future. 
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