Blue Print offers SMARTFIT clutch solution

March 07, 2022
Blue Print offers SMARTFIT clutch solution

With the vehicle car parc aging, Blue Print says it can offer a reliable and very cost effective aftermarket alternative for Dual-Mass Flywheel and Self-Adjusting Clutches in the form of its SMARTFIT Conversion Kit range. 

This range of kits is easy to install and has high fitting accuracy. As a tailor-made solution for a professional repair Blue Print says SMARTFIT represent the best possible balance between driving comfort and cost-effectiveness.

The SMARTFIT for the Dual-Mass Flywheel type clutches is a coordinated combination of a rigid flywheel and clutch disc with torsion dampers, guaranteeing excellent vibration damping with the customary high degree of driving comfort. To protect the gearbox, torsion dampers tuned specifically to the engine, are used in the SMARTFIT kit. The torsional vibrations generated by the engine are filtered out in all driving conditions, noise is reduced and the clutch's service life is prolonged by means of low-wear clutch linings.

No special tools are required for these retro-fitting kits. This enables a swift and professional conversion. New fixing bolts, high-performance grease and specialist installation instructions are all included to ensure a straightforward replacement.

Blue Print also supply these kits without the flywheel as SMARTFIT Conversion Service Kits. This means the previously installed rigid flywheel can be re-used when the clutch is replaced and only the clutch disc, clutch cover and release bearing need to be exchanged.

SMARTFIT Solution Kits for Self-Adjusting Clutches offer a high-quality aftermarket alternative to Self-Adjusting Clutches. The advantages of these SMARTFIT kits include quick and easy fitment because conventional clutch covers are used and no special tools are required to install them. There is no need to secure the clutch cover without applying a counterforce. This not only significantly reduces the time required but also the risk of incorrect installation. Special clutch linings ensure that the SMARTFIT kits enjoy a long service life while meeting demands for comfort.

Blue Print offers a range of over 170 SMARTFIT Clutch Kits, covering more than 9,000 vehicle applications. 

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