Safely remove corroded nuts near fuel lines with Mini-Ductor

May 06, 2021
Safely remove corroded nuts near fuel lines with Mini-Ductor

Removing a rusted, corroded nut in an inaccessible space can be a tough job in itself, but when you add the complication of close proximity to a fuel line, it can also get very dangerous. Open flames and fuel lines do not mix well, but there is a simple effective solution, using the invisible heat of a Mini-Ductor tool.

Many workshops still rely on an oxy-acetylene torch to release stuck fasteners, but this comes with serious fire risk, risk of damage to plastics, wiring and trim and the danger of fumes. However, Mini-Ductor tools from Inductor Innovations can easily and efficiently remove them with precision and safety.

The Mini-Ductor tool uses high-frequency magnetic fields to quickly heat the ferrous metal to release it from corrosion or thread-lock compound, without the dangers of open flame. Heat is localised on the part and not the surrounding area, which results in less collateral damage as compared to a torch. Another benefit of this localised heat is that parts can be reused, saving you money.

The Mini-Ductor is the professional's choice handheld, flameless torch and the ideal tool for commercial garages due to its power source. The models include the Mini-Ductor II, Mini-Ductor Venom and the portable Mini-Ductor 12V, which works off a 12-volt battery pack, or a car, van or truck battery. The Mini-Ductor II and 12V both feature an inline design which helps reach tighter areas such as fuel lines. Both tools fasten coils with thumbscrews, have a push-button activation and an LED work light. They also include a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Mini-Ductor Venom features an angled, pistol grip design to better reach those tight areas where torches can't go. The Venom includes trigger activation, a coil Twist-Lock which locks coils into place with one easy turn and a 2-year warranty. The Venom also has a fault monitor LED light to indicate if the tool is working properly.

Each Mini-Ductor kit is supplied with three bendable coils, including a 7/8” pre-formed coil, 23” U-form coil, and 41” bearing buddy. These coils are flexible and able to be bent or separated. The U-form coil and bearing buddy allow the user to wrap the coil to fit any application. The coils are ideal for getting into awkward areas and thin enough to wrap around the nut and heat it for easy removal. For example, a 19mm nut is heated red hot in seconds. The heat expands the nut and breaks down any corrosion bonds.  

All coils are coated to eliminate oxidation and resist abrasion if used properly.  

You can see the tools in action at

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