Seized Nut Removal on the move with the Battery Powered Mini-Ductor

April 29, 2022
Seized Nut Removal on the move with the Battery Powered Mini-Ductor

Mobile mechanics and technicians do not always have access to an electrical outlet where repairs are needed, but still have the need to releasing rusted and seized components quickly. This is when a portable induction heating tool can make a big difference, such as the Battery-Powered Mini-Ductor 12 Volt from Induction Innovations. 

The Mini-Ductor 12 Volt can be used for many applications, including; wheel nuts, exhaust manifold bolts, inline connections, oxygen sensors and many more components where rusted, corroded, or thread-locked parts need to be removed quickly and safely. 
Induction Innovations produces induction heating products that generate an Invisible Heat to quickly heat ferrous and some non-ferrous metals. These tools provide a safe and reliable alternative to using an open flame. The advantage of using induction heat for vehicle repair is that some parts can also be re-used. The flameless heat is localized on the part and not the surrounding area, which in turn produces less collateral damage.

The Mini-Ductor 12V (MD-500) is Induction Innovations completely portable, battery-powered induction heating unit. This unit runs off a 12-volt battery pack, whether that be from a car, van, or truck battery. The kit features 12V battery clamps and a 9’ cord, which provides extra length for quick and easy mobile repair. Like other Mini-Ductor Models, the MD-500 features a bright white LED lamp that illuminates the work surface and coil-securing thumbscrews. It features a durable reinforced thermal plastic housing and a slip-resistant grenade-style grip. In addition to that, it includes discharge battery protection, thermal overload protection, reverse polarity protection, and over-voltage protection.

The MD-500’s output is up to 840 watts with a fully charged 12V battery. The kit includes an operating manual, one-year warranty, a custom rugged carrying case, and three coils. 

To remove a seized wheel nut the user simply connects the Mini-Ductor 12V to a vehicle battery and selects the correct coil, making sure to leave a small gap between the nut and the coil. 

The coil is then locked into the Mini-Ductor unit by inserting the coil ends into the unit and turning the thumbscrews simultaneously. Nuts should then be heated in cycles of 10-15 seconds until the nut can be easily removed using normal tools.

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Go green and save with Induction Innovations 
Save money and go green with Induction Innovations


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