febi opens up Tesla opportunities

February 09, 2024
febi opens up Tesla opportunities

The Tesla Model Y recently became the first EV vehicle to top the global sales chart selling 1.2 million worldwide in 2023. Since its introduction to Ireland, 2380 Model Ys have been registered new, including 62 in January. 

Of course normally newer models tend to go back to the dealer for service and maintenance, however, with Telsa service outlets relatively sparse, this is not always convenient for the owner. Added to this there are numerous reports in the market about long lead times for Tesla manufacturer parts. 

This means that if an independent garage has appropriate EV training, there is an opportunity to service these vehicles and of course the warranty can also be maintained under EU Block Exemption rules. 

Parts specialist febi is constantly researching the latest trends in vehicle sales to offer the aftermarket the products that garages need so that you are always one step ahead. Here are some of the in-demand Tesla Model Y parts which are available: 
  • febi 186361, Wheel Nut, OE: 1027002-00-B.  
  • febi 182750, Wheel Bearing Kit with wheel hub and ABS sensor ring, OE: 1044122-00-D
  • febi 177659, Brake Pad Set, OE: 8008240-00-B
  • febi 185739, Pushbutton/Handle Unit for tailgate, OE: 1105486-00-E (available soon) 

One item identified as being in particular demand is the Model Y stabiliser link (febi 179467 – OE cross reference: 1188391-00-B), a part also used on the Model 3 from 2017 on. This component provides the linkage between the stabiliser bar and the bracket on the bottom of the shock absorber. It assists in reducing the amount of body roll when cornering. 

febi has identified that damage to the rubber boots allows water and road debris to prematurely ‘wear’ the ball joint. Upon this occurring, a ‘knocking’ noise can be heard when travelling over rough road surfaces. Tesla has also recognised an issue with the front stabiliser links cracking at the flange on early Model 3 vehicles, which results in the retaining nut becoming loose.

febi parts for Tesla models are available from stockist nationwide. You can find full details in the Partsfinder Online Catalogue. 
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