New SATA vision 2000 respirator kit is a hit with painters

Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Bodyshop equipment specialist SATA is now offering its popular SATA vision 2000 respirator kit in a new configuration designed specifically for bodyshops in Ireland and the UK.

The high quality kit consists of the SATA vision 2000 Hood, the belt unit with activated charcoal absorber, together with the 1.2 m SATA air hose and comes in a practical easy storage box.

The respirator kit is fully compliant with all health and safety requirements, offering the user maximum protection.  Importantly it also offers the user a high degree of comfort, with easy adjustments and a single visor system offering a large field of vision.

For added safety, the air fed full face mask includes an audible warning whistle indicating insufficient air supply which is complemented by a cross check indicator on the belt unit. The head/chest cloth is breathable, solvent-resistant, lint-free, flame retardant and features a convenient Velcro closure.

The single visor system is unique to SATA. It features tear-off visor foils that are replaced with new ones ensuring perfect vision without reflections or distortions. The SATA belt unit with activated charcoal absorber comes with extra-large charcoal filter element for optimum breathing air quality, with even oil vapours filtered. It also has an air-flow-to-mask pressure gauge with indication area to maintain the correct pressure and an air volume adjuster control to ensure both sufficient and comfortable air supply.

The complete SATA vision 2000 respirator kit comes in a convenient storage box and kit spares and consumables can be purchased separately.