Mannol M-40 the only universal lubricant spray professionals ever need

Monday, August 09, 2021

Having a universal lubricant to hand in the workshop is essential and when it comes to product choice, oil additive and car care specialist, Mannol, says more and more professionals now choose its  M-40 Lubricant.

This product cleans, lubricates and prevents corrosion on surfaces and moving parts, effectively and economically. Its high performance formulation can also displace moisture, remove rust and soiling and prevents short circuits and leakage currents, while also ensuring all kinds of moving parts operate smoothly.

M-40 lubricant aerosol also has excellent cleaning properties. It cleans and easily removes grease, dirt, bituminous stains, glue residues, etc., from most surfaces, forming a protective layer.  It is safe for metal, rubber, wood, plastic elements and varnished surfaces.

Mannol M-40 offers the complete package of quality, flexibility and value that Mannol says outshines its competitors when it comes to universal lubricant in the garage or bodyshop. It also has a huge variety of uses in home, garden and DIY applications.