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Mannol Kits open up repair possibilities

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Mannol has added a range of easy to use repair and restoration kits to its product line-up, suitable for both professional and DIY use. 

The Mannol Headlight Polish Restoration System (Part No. 9801) is suitable for easy mechanical or manual polishing of scratched and yellowed plastic headlights with no dismantling required. It can take away damage and discolouration and is also suitable for boat windows, helmet visors and motorcycle windshields.

A Windshield Repair Kit (Part No. 9804) has been introduced as a cost effective way of repairing a cracked windscreen in just 30-50 minutes. It uses a durable resin to minimise the appearance of chips and cracks and help prevent them from spreading further. 

A Leather Repair Kit (Part No. 9803) has also been introduced. This is an easy to use system for repairing cracks, cuts, burns and tears on leather and vinyl material surfaces. A variety of colours and grain papers designed to match surrounding materials are included and a handy colour matching guide is included with step-by-step instructions. 

The new kit range also offers an alternative to expensive alloy wheel repair or replacement, with a simple Alloy Wheel Repair Kit (Part No. 9802). The kit includes everything required to permanently repair curb damage, scratches, slight dents, installation damages, sanding marks and other damage to alloys. It is also suitable for synthetic wheels, steel rims and hubcaps. 

Also new to the range is RTV Adhesive Sealant in Blue (Part No. 9915). This silicon sealant is exceptionally chemical resistant, resistant to extreme temperatures and creates a reliable seal that will not crack, shrink or shift. It can replace O-rings, washers as well as asbestos, rubber, felt, paper, cork and metal seals. This means it can be used for repairing valve trains, transmission oil pans, thermostat housings and many other applications. 

These kits are distributed in Ireland by Carcessories and available from Mannol stockists nationwide.

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