Hyundai i10 Clutch Cable Problems

May 19, 2023
Hyundai i10 Clutch Cable Problems

A recent Blue Print ProTip highlights a problem that can cause clutch cable inconsistencies, on some right hand drive 2007-13 Hyundai i10 models.

The vehicle has difficulty engaging first or reverse gear, and has an inconsistent ‘biting point’ when depressing the clutch pedal.

These issues can result in noise coming from the gearbox area, giving the impression of a possible clutch fault.

The clutch cable is routed around the back of the engine for right-hand drive vehicle applications. Over time, water and road debris can ingress into the cable and flush away any lubricant, which can cause rust to form on the cable. This is most notable at the end of the cable, where it connects to the clutch pedal.
Before replacing the clutch cable, check the condition of the pedal box - paying attention to the area where the pedal box is attached to the body and where the clutch cable passes through it, because it is an area known to fracture. This is due to excess stress caused by the faulty cable. The pedal box must be repaired or replaced before continuing.

Once satisfied that the pedal box is in good condition, disconnect the clutch cable and replace it with a new Blue Print clutch cable - ADBP380001.

Adjust the cable, as required, to the desired clutch pedal height of 178mm. This should be measured from the floor to the centre of the clutch pedal.

Check the ‘free play’ of the clutch pedal; this should measure 10-15mm, before resistance is felt as the clutch pedal is depressed.

Where the clutch cable attaches to the clutch-actuating arm, this should have 2-3mm of ‘free play’ and can be adjusted using the barrel connector.

Check that the gearbox oil is at the correct level and top-up as necessary, then carry out a road test to check the operation of the clutch.

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