Yuasa YBX Active battery range offers leisure sales potential

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Holidaying at home in Ireland is likely to be the agenda for many this year, with caravans, motorhomes and boats featuring as popular choices. These and other leisure vehicles, today carry more technology and electrical appliances than ever before, placing a heavy demand on batteries. To meet these demands battery specialist Yuasa offers its specialist YBX Active Leisure and Marine battery range, specially designed to provide dependable, stress-free power and long life.

Leisure batteries offer automotive aftermarket businesses a related diversification opportunity allowing a company to explore new areas of sales potential using it existing expertise and suppliers. Yuasa distributor in Ireland, Somora Motor Parts has seen significant growth in this sector in recent years and expects 2021 be its busiest year ever in terms of leisure batteries.

The YBX Active battery range includes the perfect battery to suit exact leisure vehicle requirements delivering a reliable, steady flow of current over a prolonged period, providing it is recharged regularly when not in use. Being permanently linked to the vehicle’s built-in charger, the batteries also performs the important task of smoothing out any irregularities in the device’s power supply.

YBX Active EFB and AGM utilise the latest in next generation battery technology to provide greater endurance, more available cycles and faster charging. AGM also offers maximum safety with spill proof internal construction.

YBX Active Leisure and Marine batteries are optimised for repeated charging and discharging and manufactured to original equipment quality and specification. They are supplied fully charged and ready to fit.

In addition to the YBX Active Leisure and Marine range, there is also a YBX Active Specialist and Garden range for applications such as garden tractors, lawnmowers and garden equipment. They are also suitable for kit cars. Yuasa YBX Active Specialist and Garden batteries are constructed to deliver year-round high performance in all conditions and are particularly effective at countering vibration and corrosion.   

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