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  Car servicing and repair is changing fast and Independents need to be better trained in both existing and new technology  
Monday, April 01, 2019

Car servicing and repair is changing fast and Independents need to be better trained in both existing and new technology

One of the key objectives of Autoinform Live Ireland,taking place this April in Cork, is training Independent technicians, to help ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for the independent aftermarket. Better trained technicians will keep Motor Factors in business.  Take a step back from the pressure of everyday business and look at the bigger picture and see why Motor Factors need to encourage their customers to improve their skills.
Car servicing and repair is changing fast. Vehicle manufacturers are coming up with increasingly complex solutions to the ongoing pressure to reduce emissions, often in the form of more complex systems applied to petrol and diesel powered vehicles, or new hybrid and all electrical vehicles.
    All this means that garages are faced with ever more complex repair and diagnostic problems that they cannot attempt to tackle without the right basic knowledge and access to information. In short, independents need to be better trained in both existing and new technology and this is where Autoinform Live has a vital role to play.
    Many garages are now at something of a crossroads. If they do not upskill and take training opportunities on board they are likely to face a future where there is a rapidly diminishing pool of cars they have the ability to work on and a rapidly diminishing number of repairs they have the skills to carry out. For example, in a few short years, it won’t be possible to effectively change a tyre without some expertise in tyre pressure monitoring systems. On even relatively simple jobs, unprepared garages will eventually be driving their customers into the hands of the competition or the dealer workshops. With many garages only able to carry out the most basic repairs and more work going to franchised outlets, the impact on parts sales for factors may be dramatic.  
    However, there is a brighter alternative. Through training and upskilling, an independent garage can not only be more efficient and effective in the work that it is currently doing, but also open up countless new business opportunities and be prepared for future challenges. This will benefit the factor in terms of sales of service items and more specialist parts, as a garages repair expertise expands. For example, if a garage is better trained in air-conditioning repairs, they will naturally buy more air-con components from their factor.
    Some progressive motor factors have recognised how important an event like Autoinform Live Ireland can be and are actively promoting it and encouraging their customers to attend. The Motor Shop Group, which has outlets across Munster, is one factor operation that has certainly bought into the concept. Director Gavin Culloty comments, “We have made a very significant investment in tickets to the event for our customers, because we recognise the very positive impact it can have on the independent aftermarket. Modern vehicle technology is moving at such a rapid pace, that it is essential that garages engage in this type of training and get the new skills and knowledge required to cope with changing repair needs.”
    Having talked to people who have attended previous AutoInform Live events in the UK, Gavin says mechanics need not be fearful of getting involved, “A mechanic going to Autoinform Live will be surrounded by like-minded individuals and will be able to learn practical skills, often through on vehicle training, from some of the leading experts in their fields. I am sure it will open their eyes to new ideas and opportunities and this is one of the reasons why we want customers to go.” He adds, “I believe it is an enlightening and very enjoyable weekend and we are looking forward to sending a very strong team to Cork.”
    Gavin also points out, “From our own business stand point, we take the view that if we invest in our customers they will prosper and we will get the benefits of their loyalty and their growth.”
  Full training details Autoinform Live 2019 , or contact  Autobiz  for more information or to receive some promotional material on the upcoming AutoInform Live Ireland or email Verona Ellis.

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