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Total Control with Comline’s steering and suspension solution

Thursday, December 05, 2019

Over recent years Comline has been one of the fastest growing aftermarket parts suppliers in Europe with a range of more than 8,500-part numbers for European, Japanese and Korean vehicle applications. As well as it HQ in the UK the company also has operation in Spain, Greece and in Ireland, where the brand has become a firm favourite with many motor factors and garages.

Shane Larkin, Comline Ireland’s Product Manager says that the company has seen significant growth in Ireland since it established its Irish distribution operation in Monaghan, with this coming across diverse product sectors. He comments, “Comline is best known for its braking and filtration ranges, but our Steering and Suspension line-up is now also one of our most successful ranges. It features over 2,800 of the most popular part numbers, covering Control Arms, Stabiliser Links, Ball Joints, Tie Rods, Tie Rod Ends, and Suspension Bushes, all of which come complete with an impressive three-year, 36,000-mile warranty.”

Shane points to the poor quality of Irish roads as a reason why demand for steering and suspension components is always strong. He says, “Steering and suspension systems are under constant attack and need to be checked regularly to ensure they are offering optimum performance.  Signs that there is a problem in this area include; drifting or pulling during turns, dips or "nose dives" when braking, uneven tyre wear and a rough ride.” He adds, "There is a common misconception that a vehicle's suspension system is simply about comfort and delivering a smooth ride and, as such, repairs are often not seen to be as critical in comparison to procedures such as brake and oil changes. However, a failing or poorly performing steering and suspension system will impact the driver's ability to control the vehicle, especially when stopping and turning. This message needs to be better communicated to motorists as we enter the winter months where surfaces will be more challenging."

Comline’s Steering and Suspension components are produced in ISO certified manufacturing facilities, utilising state-of-the-art production techniques such as cataphoresis, a coating process which enhances anti-corrosion properties by up to 50% compared to traditional painting and dipping methods. All components are also rigorously tested. This process involves checks for full tension, compression and hardness, weld penetration, life performance and corrosion resistance and allows Comline to confidentially supply one of the most comprehensive warranties available in today’s aftermarket.

For more information on Comline’s ‘Total Control’ Steering and Suspension range, visit www.comline.ie

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