xEV – VARTA prepares AGM range for the future

December 18, 2023
xEV – VARTA prepares AGM range for the future

With increasing vehicle electrification you might think that the days of the 12 Volt vehicle battery would be numbered. However, battery experts VARTA say that far from disappearing, 12 Volt batteries have a critical role to play as the car parc becomes more electrified.  

As well as Start-Stop and ICE vehicles, nearly all xEVs (battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles, hybrids) require a 12 Volt power supply. As cars become more electrified and autonomous, the traditional 12 Volt lead-acid battery is taking on a new and challenging responsibility as a critical source of power across the evolving range of xEVs. Indeed enhanced levels of vehicle electrification have driven the 12V battery to become a safety critical component, particularly if the high voltage battery fails.

An electric car’s high-voltage Li-Ion battery powers the drivetrain and the propulsion system, however not the whole vehicle and not all of its electrical power devices. The internal electrical 12V power system with its comfort and critical safety features, is powered by a 12 Volt battery. This works as a secondary power source for the vehicle’s electrical system and ensures that the car maintains its functionality while driving but also whilst parked. 

Comfort and safety features like lane assist, power steering and the brake booster are handled by onboard smart systems which also draws power from the 12V system. The same goes for most of the car's monitoring functions, it is therefore essential that a reliable 12 Volt power supply is in good working order.

Lithium-ion technology is not as inherently robust as other battery technologies and requires continuous monitoring by the battery management system. Lead-acid batteries, on the other hand, are known to be both reliable and affordable. Their wide operational temperature window intrinsically enhances the operational robustness of the entire system. Added to this the safety record of lead-acid batteries makes them invaluable for Europe’s future low-emission mobility sector, plus lifecycle analysis of a vehicle’s environmental impact show that lead-acid has a lower impact compared to other technologies.

Dr. Christian Rosenkranz, Vice President Industry and Governmental Relations EMEA at Clarios, the parent company of the VARTA brand says, “It is safe to say that the unique benefits of lead-acid technology will be important to meet growing consumer expectations for safety, comfort, and connectivity.”

VARTA AGM batteries combine reliability, sturdy construction and inherent safety making them the perfect companion in supporting the 12 Volt electrical system of xEVs. As the world’s leading battery manufacturer, Clarios is the number one supplier to all Original Equipment Manufacturers with its VARTA brand. This includes well-known manufacturers such as Mercedes, Volkswagen and BMW, with 60% of new vehicles in Europe being factory fitted with VARTA.

Being the leading expert in battery solutions, Clarios has its VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM portfolio ready for xEV, now with added designation to the AGM labelling. Designed and tested together with leading car manufacturers, the VARTA AGM portfolio for xEV is ready to prepare garages for servicing the future of mobility.

The VARTA team also supports garages and motor factors with key services, including a new suite of Battery E-Learning, which is now live in the VARTA Partner Portal. This complements the company's more traditional face-to-face-training. As well as access to the Battery Finder, Fitting Instructions and Technical Articles, registered Partner Portal users also get Free access to a complete offering of digital training on: Basic battery knowledge, Advanced passenger cars including modules on hybrids and EVs and Heavy commercial vehicles.  

“We are very pleased to be able to support the Irish aftermarket with these free-to-access E-learning courses, and hope that technicians and factor staff find them useful and informative.” says John Rawlins, Marketing Manager UK & Ire. “Our intention is to provide bitesize online training in addition the face-to-face training we already deliver”.

E-Learning can be accessed at: https://varta-partner-portal.com/ 

To contact the team at VARTA, email:  varta-support@clarios.com
xEV – VARTA prepares AGM range for the future
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