Workshops making the most of Toyota TradePro offers

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

There continues to be a very positive response from independent garages to the Toyota TradePro programme that gives them access to genuine Toyota parts from local Toyota dealer parts departments at special promotional prices.

Arthur Power, Area Sales Manager for Toyota Ireland Aftermarket, says, “More and more workshops are engaging with their Toyota dealer parts departments and discovering the excellent value they can get on the genuine Toyota components that they are always looking for. A good example is the number of garages that are now bulk buying Toyota oil filters, at 40% discount, so that they always have them on the shelf and available for when they are servicing Toyota models.” He adds, “By doing this they are not only saving money, but also time in ordering parts, as well as having the peace of mind of knowing they have fitted an original filter.”

Arthur says that many other Toyota parts offers have also been very successful with clutch offers for Toyota Landcruiser models proving to be best sellers. He comments, “Because Landcruisers last so long, clutch replacement is increasingly common. Workshops tend to think that this will be a very expensive repair but are pleasantly surprised by the special offer value we can provide on complete Landcruiser clutch kits, which include all the ancillary parts. Their customers are also delighted that they have the reassurance that genuine Toyota parts have been fitted.”

The TradePro programme covers an ever expanding range of parts including; service kits, clutch kits, brake parts, shocks and springs, batteries and much more. It is also backed by the knowledge and expertise of local Toyota parts teams to ensure that the right parts are always identified and delivered promptly.

Since the start of the year, parts availability has been an issue in some quarters, with the initial impact of the Brexit agreement often restricting the movement of goods from UK distribution centres. This is something that Toyota Ireland has long anticipated and moved to counter. Arthur explains, “In 2018 we assessed the situation and concluded that it would sensible to change our logistical set-up and move towards direct supply from mainland Europe, through our distribution base in Brussels. The result is that for some time, all Toyota parts have been shipped direct from Belgium and we don’t need to rely on the UK land-bridge.”

Arthur says that in the early months of the year this direct European supply has been a major advantage and with a well stocked warehouse in Dublin, Toyota has been able to maintain excellent parts availability in Ireland, while some suppliers have been struggling.

More offers will be added to the Toyota TradePro programme as the year progresses. For the latest deals and more information please contact your local Toyota dealer parts department.