Partsfinder – The workshop time saving tool

July 04, 2023
Partsfinder – The workshop time saving tool What sets partsfinder apart from other online catalogues, is its unique search flexibility that can get users to the parts they need, in a few simple clicks

With time now so critical in the workshop environment, any tool that can help save this valuable commodity has to be welcomed by technicians and garage owners. But, time saving tools are not just restricted to a traditional tool box, with a prime example being the bilstein group online parts catalogue. 

As any garage knows identifying the right parts for a repair can be a time consuming and frustrating process. This is made all the worse when a supplier makes a mistake and delivers an incorrect part. This can cause costly delays and take up valuable ramp time. 

With the partsfinder website, parts identification can be made quick and easy. It features a catalogue of over 62,000 spare parts for both cars and commercial vehicles from the bilstein group brands, febi, Blue Print and SWAG. But what sets this time saving tool apart from other online catalogues is its unique search flexibility that can get users to the parts they need in a few simple clicks. 

Only a single part description is required to find the part and generally the user can get the results they require in a maximum of three clicks. The catalogue is also available in 25 languages. 

Once a part has been identified, a wealth of detailed information is on offer such as detailed images, precise dimensions, a full list of applications, cross reference information, fitting instructions, safety information and links to related parts. 

Partsfinder also offers many other benefits, which can be accessed through registering for free. This unlocks a full VRM look up facility tuned to the needs of the Irish car parc. Simply enter the vehicle registration number and partsfinder can provide a full list of suitable parts. The search can also be completed using the expert filter, through make and model information and descriptions, if the reg is not known. 

Other benefits include; Parking Space, where users can save and edit commonly repaired vehicles for extra quick access, printable search results, a favourite articles section and even a facility to shape the future bilstein range by suggesting parts to be made available. 

Colin Kennedy and Ronan Conneally have been demonstrating the benefits of partsfinder to garages across Ireland in recent months and say the feedback from the market has been exceptional. 

Colin says, “Garages are always impressed by the ease of use of partsfinder, the power of its search facilities and the speed with which results can be found. It means they can identify the parts they need quickly, carry out a visual conformation that it is correct and order with confidence every time.”

Ronan says, “By taking the guesswork out of parts identification, partsfinder can save a huge amount of time and eliminate the possibility of the wrong part arriving. Once users see the benefits of the system it quickly becomes an essential time saving tool that they can’t do without.” 

Another unique benefit of partsfinder is that it can also provide garages with a quick check on the availability of parts that need to be replaced that are often perceived as being dealer only. With vehicles staying on the road for longer often less common parts need to be replaced and the initial reaction is to order these from a dealer. However, the febi, Blue Print and SWAG parts ranges feature thousands of these parts and combine high quality with exceptional value. This means a quick search on partsfinder can lead to big cost savings and in many instances easier availability from local factors. 

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Partsfinder – The workshop time saving tool partsfinder also provide garages with a quick check on the availability of parts that need to be replaced that are often perceived as being dealer only
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