febi provides a plus for independent garages

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Garages will generally turn to their local motor factor for typical parts, such as pads, plugs and filters, but when it comes to less common items for specific models, they might tend to think that these are only available from the vehicle manufacturer dealer parts department. However, parts specialist febi can provide an independent, convenient and cost effective solution with its febiPLUS range. 

febi carries a portfolio of some 34,000 spare parts that not only satisfies everyday servicing requirements, but also includes more than 1300 selected specialist items for current car models. This includes items such as pedal pads, ignition switches, fuel filler caps, oil pans, cooling tubes, camshaft adjusters and more. 

Such items are in constant demand from motor factors and garages, but many remain unaware of the quality, value for money alternative that febiPLUS can offer, with many items exclusive to febi in the aftermarket. What is more, the range is under constant review and is continuously updated to meet the latest aftermarket requirements. Some of the product areas covered include; oil Dipsticks and Guide Funnels, Cabin Switches, Crankshaft Ventilation Parts, Oil Pans, Cooling Tubes & Caps, Camshaft Adjusters, Magnetic Valves and much more. 

Details of the full range can be found online at https://partsfinder.bilsteingroup.com/index